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Our Service
intellasoft Digial Media Services

Intellasoft Digital Media is a 25 year established professional service firm. We are based in Newfoundland but our services and platform have been used by individuals and companies as far away as The Philippines. Inspiration and Growth drives us. And to that end we provide a portfolio of services for the budget minded business. Offering client focused tactical strategies in technology, creative design and marketing. Whether you need a second opinion or someone to outsource too, our team can help. Our management and subject matter experts have hands on experience in all facets of business operations. And they can actually do what they delegate. Always on the forefront each one of us takes a day out of each week to sharpen our skills.

From a project to a campaign. Or a workshop to a seminar. Intellasoft implements and validates their work. Every service transaction is measured. Results are expected. And Key Performance Indicators are upper most on our work reports.

Our account managers are articulate with a balanced common sense work ethic. They coordinate with company executives and provide them with the expertise and digital assets for achieving their business objectives.

Our clients are our colleagues and friends. You will come to understand quickly when you call us on any given Sunday we're not far from a computer screen or from you.

After all at Intellasoft. "Business is not just business. Business is personal"