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Packages & Pricing

The price for each package is a base price that includes specified items for that package. All projects are billed at our hourly rate over that of the projects price specified if the time exceeds the quote agreed upon.

A design package no matter what it is, is nothing more than a guideline. It gives you an idea of price and what is included in that price.

We keep you in the loop throughout the project and let you know if anything is going to incur extra time so there are no budget suprises when we send you the final invoice.

Never be afraid to ask questions, nor let us know just what it is that you want.

We are here for you and the more information we have the better we can achieve the project that you have in mind.

Please provide us essential documents, such as text and images on a timely basis. Our developers will not enter data or create content. We need you to provide us with the content for your site, or the pages cannot be created. The number one reason that web sites are delayed is because of a lack of content.

Please provide as much information about your business as you can. This will allow us to identify with your business and create a site that is in tune with your business. Not every business is created the same. The more information you can give us about who you are and what your business does the better.

Please respond promptly to our requests. We are not responsible for missed deadlines due to lack of content or signoff requests. That is why Codtongue's has an estimated date of completion" on all contracts. You came to Codtongue's with a need and if we excepted to help fill this need, than lets work together to make it happen.

Set due dates for your projects and make them clear to us. We do need time to complete a task however large or small. We only have so many developers and we may be working on several projects at once. That is why we ask for prompt response to content requests. We can do "rush jobs" but you will need to let us know this and there will be added cost to this request. Project deadlines are very important to us, but a timeline must be set and agreed upon by both parties.

Most of all, we ask that you become as involved as much as you can in the creation process of your site. You came to us with a "Dream" or an "Idea" of something wonderful, help us make it a reality...

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Bank Transfer via PayPal or Payza.

Yes. On your client account page there will be a link where you can view your site anytime you wish. The site will only go live when you are completely happy with the final project.

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit up front before any work is started and the remaining balance to be paid upon final completion of the project.

All project contracts have a estimated date of completion" on them as agreed upon by both parties. So that your project's final completion is never held up and delivered on time.

This largely depends on what is involved, it is crucial for the customer to provide us with the essential documents, such as text and images on a timely basis. A simple Landing Page can be up and running in 2 or 3 days More complex projects can take months, it really depends on how much work needs to be done and how fast a client can provide what is needed. We will involve the client as much or as little as they desire. Some prefer to be part of the process every step of the way, while others would rather let us make the decisions. When we know your exact requirements, we will send you a contract with a realistic end date. We know that project deadlines are very important and we will always do our utmost to meet them.

Sure you can. Our website design packages are guidelines and are there for our clients to get an idea of what we can do for them. We almost never have a client stick to a package without adding something.

Hosting & Domains

This is not a problem, you can keep your current registrar and change the DNS setting. If you need assistance we are here to help.

Yes we can. We are not a domain registrar but are affiliated with Go Daddy for our client's domain needs.

No you don't need to arrange hosting, we operate our own servers and network. This means that we can look after hosting for you. In fact, it's probably best if we do. It increases security for a start, and enables us to offer far greater support when you need it. And all of our design packages come with free hosting for the first 12 months.

Yes. On hosting plans and website management there are discounts when several months are paid in advance. You can see these discounts when ording these services.

Yes, data driven website applications are one of our specialties, we have a highly trained team of web designers and programmers who can design and develop sites in a variety of languages. This kind of project can either be fairly simple or incredibly complicated. In order to produce an effective solution we will often arrange a meeting to discuss the required workflow, we then quote the project and produce a written proposal covering all functionality required in the project and a timeline for completion. Once agreed and development has begun we will provide beta testing at various stages to ensure the project meets client approval.

Yes. You can use any web host you choose. We do offer the first year's hosting free of charge to all new design clients.

Codtongue's can offer dedicated servers to clients who's projects require such.

Tech Support

Yes, we offer Maintenance Packages for additional changes that you would like to have done on your website. But while your website is being designed by us, there is no additional charges other than what was agreed apon. Your website is not finished until all that has been agreed apon has been completed and you are happy with the work that has been done.

Yes. We do offer 24/7/365 tech support on all of our hosting services.

We will respond on all support tickets within 24 hours or less, no matter how busy we are, we will try our best to resolve any and all problems within a timely manner.

Most of our clients use royalty free image services such as iStockphoto or BigStockPhoto, but you can use any royalty free image service you choose.

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